lördag 3 april 2010

...no time for love?


This starry bright night when I´m doing
my usual stroll
I guess all I get from this childish game
is a cold
But your window`s still lit up, I´ll wait
here and see
if I might catch a glimpse of that shadow
that keeps hunting me

The moon´s big and bright and he´s
quietly watching the scene
of the girl with her heart in her hands
and he knows what it means:
That it´s springtime again, and the foolish
are thriving
this is no time for reason, and probably
no time for love

Give me no answer, give me no truth
Just give that the light won´t go out
And I´ll be quite content, and indulge in the
from the lilacs, who kindly are telling me
not to dispair

This starry bright night when I realize it´s
time to go home...
to go home.


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